Process Flow for LSG Registration



  • FDMA will finalize the list of beneficiaries and upload the file in CVS format within the MIS System developed by NADRA.
  • NADRA MIS will apply the Business Rules on the shared CVS file (containing the Beneficiary details) and share the beneficiary details that qualify for Grant(s) with Payment Service Provider.
  • The payment service provider will now have the details of the Beneficiaries for LSG.




  • The potential beneficiary will approach the One Stop Shop (OSS) and proceed to Information counter. At this counter, NADRA officials will check the name and CNIC particulars of beneficiary against the list.


If the name is not found on the list, the individual will not be allowed to proceed further. However, if the individual desires to receive the benefit, they shall be asked to lodge an Appeal at NADRA GR Counter established at all OSS.


  • If the name is found on the list and the CNIC is authenticated, the beneficiary will be directed to the Biometric Counter for LSG processing.
  • At the Biometric Counter the Fingerprints of the beneficiary will be captured and matched with the NADRA database.


The verification method used will be 1:1 VERIFICATION.


  • Once the beneficiary is verified, NADRA staff will then guide the beneficiary to approach Bank Counter, present within the OSS.
  • Upon the beneficiary approaching the Bank counter, the bank official will initiate a system generated request to NADRA for electronic confirmation of Biometric Verification along with any other agreed information. Upon receipt of confirmation from NADRA, the Bank official will conduct necessary registration in their system and issue the TDP a new debit card.
  • Once the payment is collected, the TDP will exit the premises.