What Does TDP-ERP Stand For?

Temporarily Displaced Persons – Emergency Recovery Project – assists the Government of Pakistan in strengthening and restoration of livelihoods and income support for affected TDP beneficiaries and the people (families) of the affected areas.

What is LSG?

LSG stands for Livelihood Support Grant or Unconditional Cash Grant (UCT) aimed to serve as the safety net recovery support granted once the displaced people return home.

What is the Amount I may receive from LSG?

A total amount of PKR 16,000/ will be provided to LSGs in 4 installments (PKR 4000 per month).

How is an LSG identified? OR What qualifies an individual to receive LSG?

FATA Disaster Management Authority (FDMA) identifies the list of beneficiaries (or people who are displaced and are moving back to their respective agency); and provide the list electronically to NADRA. NADRA system applies business rules (DUP, Alien, Unique, Temporary and Permanent address should be from the affected area) and accepts or rejects the beneficiary from the list. If accepted, the beneficiary is identifies as LSG beneficiary.

What happens when a TDP Name is NOT on the list? OR Rejected by NADRA?

The individual who is a TDP but their name is not on the FDMA list provided to NADRA (or is rejected by NADRA system), can visit the Grievance Counter (GR) within the One Stop Shop (OSS). At the GR counter, the individual may launch their Appeal for Eligibility. The appeal will automatically be directed to FDMA to resolve and take a decision.

The FDMA through Political Agents will then resolve the Appeal as either “Accepting the Case” or “Rejecting the Case” (based on their field research) for each case. If accepted, the individual will be made part of the LSG list. If rejected, the reason for rejection may be communicated to the individual.

What is CWG?

Child Wellness Grant (CWG) is a Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) linked to a comprehensive child wellness package.

What is the Amount I may receive from CWG?

A total amount of PKR 7500/ will be provided to CWGs in 3 installments (PKR 2500 per visit and attendance of Child Awareness Session).

Who is Eligible for CWG?

TDPs and Non TDPs are eligible to apply for CWG provided their addresses are from the affected area.

How does the CWG family receive benefit?

The CWG shall be provided to beneficiaries have children under the age of 2 years; for both TDP families and those non -TDPs with both addresses on CNIC from affected area.

  • Attendance of the parents (or mother) in the Child Wellness Awareness session of is mandatory for receiving this grant.

What is Grievance Redress Counter for?

Grievance Redress (GR) Mechanism is an intricate part of TDP-ERP project and measure to ensure fairness and transparency towards returning TDP’s.  This mechanism ensures that each family returning is provided with adequate financial means to start their lost livelihoods.

Through the GR mechanism the beneficiaries can:

  • Lodge Appeal to be considered as LSG beneficiary and cater for Next of Kin cases.
  • Lodge Complaints against concerned stakeholder.

Who can Lodge an Appeal?

Any person who belongs to the affected area and beliefs that they have been unfairly excluded to receive LSG. However appeals can only be launched for individuals who have valid CNIC with both addresses (permanent and temporary) from the affected area.