Process Flow for CWG Registration


  • The TDP/Non-TDP with family (and child under the age of 2 years) will approach the One Stop Shop (OSS) and proceed to Information counter.
  • At this counter, NADRA officials will check the Name, CNIC and CWG certificate particulars against the TDP (LSG) database. If the name is found on the list, the beneficiary will be asked to proceed to the NADRA Biometric Counter for CWG processing.


If the name is not found on the list, the Head of Family Identity Card will be checked for the following:

  • Addresses are from the affected area.
  • Child(ren) under the age of 2 years exists.
  • CNIC is not fraud, alien or Dup.


If all checks are clear, the Family will be asked enrolled and asked to proceed to the Biometric counter.


Step 2: Biometric Enrollment, Awareness Session and Payment Collection

  • The CWG beneficiary will now approach the Biometric Counter and provide the Fingerprints.


The verification method used will be 1:1 VERIFICATION.


  • Once verified, NADRA staff will then guide the beneficiary to attend the Child Awareness Session delivered by Department of Health (DoH) at the OSS.


The Child Awareness Sessions will be delivered by DOH Officials to a certain number of beneficiaries in a batch.


  • Once the session is concluded, DoH FATA staff shall provide the CWG certificates to the NADRA counter. The NADRA staff updates the Awareness Session details within the system. These certificates will be returned to the beneficiaries by the DoH staff.


The DoH Official shall further guide the beneficiary about the Child Wellness Services and Vaccinations (optional) available at the OSS for child health checks.


  • The beneficiary will then move to the Bank Counter and collect their First Cash Installment (payment).