Livelihood Support Grant (LSG)


The following criterion applies to the beneficiaries:

  1. The beneficiary should be the member of family (unique within family) belonging to and having both temporary and permanent addresses on CNIC from the affected area of FATA.
  2. CNIC must be Unique and Part of FDMA TDP lists
  3. CNIC must be Valid.
  4. CNIC must be clear in NADRA database (not marked as suspect, alien, fraud, Dup).
  5. CNIC must be Unique within Family.


 lsgPayment The amount of PKR 4000/ will be disbursed to Head of Family each month for the duration of FOUR months only.
Hence total amount of PKR 16,000 will be provided as LSG to the beneficiaries.


Child Wellness Grant (CWG)

  1. The CWG shall be provided to beneficiaries have children under the age of 2 years; for both TDP families and those non -TDPs with both addresses on CNIC from affected area.
  2. Attendance of the parents (or mother) in the Child Wellness Awareness session of is mandatory for receiving this grant.

The CNIC of the potential beneficiary is verified by NADRA and the following checks are applied to consider the (head of household) as CWG beneficiary:

  1. CNIC must be Valid.
  2. CNIC must be clear in NADRA database (not marked as suspect, alien, fraud, Dup).
  3. CNIC must be Unique within Family.
  4. Permanent and Temporary address on the CNIC must be from the affected area of FATA.


cwgFlow The amount of PKR 7500/ will be disbursed to TDP and Non-TDPs from the affected area – who have child(ren) under the age of 2 years. The amount will be paid in 3 installments (PKR 2500 per visit).
Hence total amount of PKR 7500 will be provided as CWG to the affected families.



These are grievances related to eligibility where a household has not been included as Beneficiary and the household feel that they fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned in the preceding sections.

Potential beneficiaries are entitled to appeal if they believe they are unfairly excluded from the program.  For this purpose, the applicant should submit the appeal in person at the relevant Grievance Redress Counter of the OSS manned by NADRA.

Who can Lodge an Appeal?

  • Any person who belongs to the affected area and beliefs that they have been unfairly excluded!
  • Make sure that the person should have a valid CNIC with both addresses (permanent and temporary) from the affected area.

How to Lodge an Appeal

  • The Appeal is submitted by the concerned appellant at the Grievance Redress Counter located at OSS where the Appeal will be registered and recorded by the NADRA officer.